Wealthy Homogamy

Homogamy means “like marry like” or that people of a similar background and culture marry one another.  In the documentary Born Rich, Jamie Johnson interviews his wealthy young friends about their lives and relationships.  From 45:12 – 54:55, Johnson focuses on the topics of dating, class, and divorce. 

“Its really weird.  I never really thought about it.  I think its just your compatibility”. 

“They all know each other.  And that is their dating pool.”

“We can get drunk.  We can do lots of drugs.  We can be decadent.  We just don’t have to do it with Joey and Tommy.”

“I think it would probably be weird to bring someone to your homes, to your summer house, or maybe to introduce them to your parents.  Or something like that.  Or just, you know when you introduce them to your parents and their parents are asking about where they live.  You know my parents are so… they live in a world where they might be like “so where do you summer?””


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