Postmodern Epic Chicken Fight

Postmodernism is difficult to define.  Technically, postmodernism is a historical condition coming after modernity.   In more abstract terms, it is a way of seeing, an attitude.  In “Postmodern: Roots and PoliticsTodd Gitlin lists the following as qualities of postmodernism:

  • indifference to consistency and continuity
  • splicing of genres, attitudes, and styles
  • blurring, juxtaposing stance, cultural levels, moods
  • disdains originality, instead uses copies, repetition, re combinations
  • blasé tone and a sense of exhaustion
  • pleasure in play of surface, search for depth as nostalgia
  • constant change, progress is obsolete, history collapsing
  • end of grand theory
  • no definable truth or authenticity
  • identities are fragmented, disconnected, constructed
  • borderless mass media with mass culture, omnivorous consumption

Nearly all of these qualities can be found in the television show The Family Guy, and specifically this clip titled “Epic Chicken Fight.”



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