Safer Spaces & Accountability Processes


Generation Five

In Our Hands


Philly Stands Up

Safe Horizon

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Community Accountability


Beyond Closed Doors: Emotional Abuse in Intimate Partnerships

Betrayal: A Critical Analysis of Rape Culture in Anarchist Subcultures

Challenging Men, Changing Communities: Reflections on Male Supremacy and Transformative Justice

Gender Oppression Abuse Violence: Community Accountability within the People of Color Progressive Movement

It’s Down to This

Learning Good Consent

Let’s Talk: Feminist Communication for Radicalizing Sex, Consent, and Interpersonal Dynamics

Men Unlearning Rape

Quarrel: Stories of Survivor Self Determination, Direct Action, Strategies for Safer Spaces and Ripping Patriarchy to Shreds

The Revolution Starts At Home: Confronting Partner Abuse in Activist Communities

Strategies for Survivors


Supporting a Survivor of Sexual Assault

Toward Transformative Justice

We are All Survivors, We are All Perpetrators

What to Do When? Radical Community Response To Sexual Assault Issue #3