Norms: Ikea in Different Cultures

The Ikea chain of stores is a “world-wide wonder” with locations in 49 different countries.  Marketing, and more specifically the annual catalogue, are adapted to their respective countries.  Quartz has an interesting article about some of these variations and resulting controversiespussy riot ikeaImage from The Moscow Times


Corporations as People

Hobby Lobby’s case went to the Supreme Court over the question of if a business has “freedom of religion.”  Hobby Lobby won.

Also, a video from Last Week Tonight on corporations inappropriate uses of twitter.

Commercial Activism

A Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner recently made it into the news:

The ad was widely met with derision.

This is not a new phenomena.  Imagery and ideas of rebellion have been used to sell products for decades.  Sites such as Jezebel, Sociological Images, and this blog have previously looked at this issue.  Following are some additional examples:

Gender Oblivious Panels

Paypal was heavily critiqued when they gathered an all male panel to discuss women’s equality and inclusion in the workplace.  gender equality.jpg    image from the guardian

There is also a great tumblr “Congrats, you have an all male panel!” that shows approval through an image of David Hasselhoff giving a thumbs up.  The site takes submissions and includes some of the following: