Race on Kinder bars

The article “German Pegida row over non-white photos on Kinder bars” explores reactions to the change in Kinder chocolate packaging.  Some white people were infuriated, saying this was a case of political correctness gone amuck.  It had to be pointed out that the new young men represented on the chocolates were, in fact, Germany’s football team as children.  The article does not address how white people like to use people of color’s bodies for sports, music, or tourism but are not concerned with their safety or social inequality.



Sports Supplements

When we talk about diets to achieve the current definition of a ‘perfect body’ we are often talking about women.  In this clip from Australian show The Weekly, young men’s use of sports supplements, and their lack of regulation, are critiqued.

In / Out Groups: Cyclists

In Sociology and “in group” is a social group toward which a member feels respect and loyalty, or ‘we.’  An “out group” is a social group toward which a person feels a sense of competition or opposition, or ‘them’ and ‘those people.’  These groups can foster loyalty and generate conflict.  In groups generally hold overly positive view of themselves and unfairly negative view of out groups, with traits seen as virtues in an in group seen as vices in an out group.

The following clip from the Australian television show The Weekly examines the tensions between cyclists and drivers as in and out groups.  Unfortunately, you will need a VPN set to Australia to view the video.